Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AIS update from Michelle Saduskas

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: September 25, 2015 at 1:30:00 PM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: ais update 9-25-15
Good afternoon everyone-

Here are a few, brand new,  AIS monitoring reports I wanted to share with the group.  Please find reports for Sureshot, Thompson, Alva, Booth, and Killarney here: .

Additionally, I just received a season monitoring report from the WDNR.   I have attached that document.  A number of lakes had new findings of narrow-leaf cattail and aquatic forget-me-not, both invasive species.  Please find information on these two invasives on page 3 of the attached document.

Have a great weekend everyone!     

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New Message from AIS Coordinator Michele Saudauskas

This will be the first installment and I will post more later......

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: September 1, 2015 at 2:08:07 PM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: FW: Shoreland Zoning and Local Control
Good afternoon everyone!

The below email (with 2 attachments) just came across my desk, and I thought it might be of interest to many Oneida County lake associations.  If you have questions and/or comments please direct those to:  John Richter,

Have a great day!

August 20, 2015

To:  Vilas County Lake Association Officers

From:  John Richter, President, Plum Lake Association

We have begun a last minute effort to join forces with like-minded lake associations to seek relief from the changes to shoreland zoning the state recently inserted in the budget.   These changes remove county control of some of the most critical zoning issues and put the State in control with “one size fits all” lesser standards that constitute a very real threat to our lakes.  
One of the most egregious changes is reduction of shoreline frontage requirements to the state minimum.  It will adversely affect Plum and many other lakes with 150, 200, and greater frontage requirements (some as great as 400’), reducing them to 100 front feet.  The reason for quick action on this issue is that, once the zoning departments get the final “directive” from DNR, they will have to begin handling re-platting requests from owners selling out and from developers.  What I have heard is that there will be a flood of requests once the directive is received and when these requests are approved, they are good forever.  If the rule is changed back by new legislation later, they will be still be effective - a legal nonconforming lot at 100 ft.  Re-platting, as I understand it, cannot be reversed.  We have parcels in that situation on Plum, thus our concern.  Many other lakes are in the same boat.  
The reason for greater minimum lake frontage standards is founded in science for the protection of our lakes to maintain water quality and property value.  It was not controversial and not a political issue.  I think we all felt the county had done a very good job setting the standards some 20 years ago.  
All of the rest of this new law can be revisited by new legislation and we have time to consider each issue.  For the shoreline frontage issue, it will be too late - the damage will be done and irreversible, so immediate action on this issue is required.
I have found almost universal agreement in my conversations with other lake association officers on this point; that letting the State set one size fits all standards and take zoning power away from the county makes no sense and is antithetical to the mantra of local control being best.  From a republican legislature, 520 was a big surprise.
We have been asked, by a former senate majority leader (a republican), “How many lake associations are with you?"  They are pursuing remedial legislation at this time on our behalf.  My mission was to contact as many as I could to see if they were generally in favor of returning zoning authority to the county.  To date, I have not found any that were not in favor.  We are in the process of preparing an outline of remedial legislation that will be available shortly.  
We expect to have a broad base of Bipartisan support for this bill.
 We have signed a letter of engagement with a law firm and engaged a public affairs consultant with broad experience in this area and will need to fund the retainer very soon.  We have begun our effort to get commitments of donations from associations and individuals to this effort.  Our efforts will result in return of shoreland zoning authority to each county, insuring local control and a return to our previous regulations that were not controversial or political and protected our lakes and our property values.
We are now tasked with collecting donations for the legal and lobbying retainers.  The escrow account has been set up and donations will be made to through our 501c3 tax-exempt entity.  I will get a letter out with instructions for mailing shortly.  
Overall, the goal is to return control of shoreland zoning to the County, where it belongs and to stop implementation of reduced lakefront minimum lot sizes until our new legislation is effective.  We are the last line of defense.  All of the others lines have been penetrated and we are now called on to step up and defend our lakes.  I know that none of us ever expected to be in this spot, but we are and we need to act now.  Good luck with your groups.  Keep me advised of your progress, as I will you.
I am hoping you will step up.  I need to know as soon as possible if I can add your association and members to our collective voice in opposition to the budget amendment and to join our effort to correct it. 
Plum Lake Association
A. John Richter, President

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Black Bear on Circle Dr.

Jim Auchter sent me this photo recently along with an account of how he came by this photo...

Hi Kathy.  I looked at the Lake Association web site and see a lot of activity has been posted.  Great!  Which made me think I should share the attached photo of a bear in our yard on Sunday, July 12th at about 5:15PM.  More interesting, it was starting to climb a tree with a hummingbird feeder about 5 feet from the chair my wife, Sue, was sitting in!  Yes, literally.  Sue was unaware of the bear as she was relaxing looking at the lake until she heard the claws on the tree and turned to see what was causing the noise!  Fortunately, when she turned, the bear was as startled as Sue and jumped from the tree and started to climb a second tree about four feet further.  Sue calmly (until in the house) got up and walked into the house.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get a picture as it started to leave.  Sue is very happy I got a photo of it as she said nobody would believe her story!  And she said she is not usually that oblivious……

Thanks for the photo and the story Jim. The Auchters place is on Circle Dr. so if you are in the area please be alert. If you've noticed that your bird feeders have been torn down or garbage has been scattered, you might want to take precautions. According to Mark Naniot , Wildlife Rehab biologist at Wild Instincts right here in Rhinelander, bears can be lazy by nature and will stay in an area if they continue to find things to eat. It is a good idea to bring in bird feeders at night for at least 2 weeks, as then bears will try another path.  

Keep those photos coming!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Board at Work....

Sandy Wickman of the DNR was at the Boat Landing today  Thursday July 16. 
She brought with her 2 large plants that contained 1000 beetles/larvae that feed on the invasive plant Purple Loosestrife. These plants were placed next to the landing where some has been spotted and hopefully they will happily eat their fill of them.

Sandy is at the Shoreline pulling up some of the plants with Paul Schreiber and Frosty Smith looking on . Below Frosty is holding a handful of the invasive species called Purple Loosetrife
 Sandy Wickman and helper with the 2 large plants she brought.
 A close up of the small bugs that will be attacking these invasive species.

Board Members Paul Schreiber, Bob Rossi, Frosty Smith, and Sandy Wickman from the DNR and Kathy Furda (in car). Plenty of people to check out the Pontoon Boat waiting to enter the lake. Thanks to Betsy Schreiber for the photos.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

From the Desk of Michelle Saduaskas AIS Coordinator, Important News!

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: July 10, 2015 at 10:17:25 AM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: 2016-2017 State Budget goes to Governor Walker
Hello everyone-

Yesterday the State Budget passed through the WI Assembly.  The budget is now on the Governor’s desk!  Sadly, the budget still has some unfavorable items in it for Wisconsin’s land and water.

Motion 520, paragraph 23, will severely limit local control on managing our lakes, rivers, and wetlands.  This will affect Oneida County lakes and rivers.  With this in mind, the Oneida County Board approved a resolution(#52-2015) strongly objecting to Paragraph 23 of Motion 520.

I have attached the Oneida County resolution and a letter submitted to the Joint Finance Committee by multiple Wisconsin State organizations explaining the negative effects Motion 520, paragraph 23 could have on our water resources.    I urge you to contact the governor with your concerns and comments on Motion 520 as soon as possible.  You can email Governor Walker at this address:  or call 608-266-1212.  Don’t be afraid to call, I have done this many times with my local representatives!  It is easy, and they quickly can find out what matters to their constituents in this manner J  Additionally, please try to attend the Oneida County Board meeting on Tuesday, August 18th, 9:30 a.m.  Tom Tiffany is penciled in to attend!  Your voice does matter!    

RESOLUTION #52-2015 1
Resolution offered by the Conservation and UW-Extension Education Committee 4
Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Oneida County, Wisconsin 6
WHEREAS, the Oneida County Conservation and UW-Extension Education Committee 8 has been advised that the Joint Committee on Finance has passed Motion #520 as part of its 9 discussion and deliberation on the Budget Bill; and 10
WHEREAS, Paragraph 23 of Motion #520 changes the standards for regulation of 12 existing structures in the shoreland area contrary to adopted standards in NR 115 and to the 13 detriment of environmental quality, and the orderly economic development of Oneida County; 14 and 15
WHEREAS, the State of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 17 has adopted NR 115 and updated it periodically after public input and review; and 18
WHEREAS, Oneida County has 428 named lakes and more than 830 miles of streams, 20 of which 192 miles are classified trout streams, that are pressured with both new development 21 and re-development of existing structures; and 22
WHEREAS, Oneida County has been enforcing the minimum standards of NR 115 since 24 its inception in the late 1960’s, and has accumulated considerable experience while working 25 with the various incarnations of NR 115 over many years, and furthermore has noted during 26 these many years that the current laws have protected the water quality in Oneida County, and 27 at the same time have protected property values, the County’s wildlife and fisheries habitat, and 28 the natural scenic beauty of Oneida County’s shorelands, and at the same time provided 29 flexibility to property owners in development of their property; and 30
WHEREAS, Oneida County Board members conclude that the water quality of those 32 water bodies within our county would suffer if development is not regulated to the benefit of both 33 the property owner and the water body whose shorelines are proposed for development as it 34 currently is in NR 115; and 35
WHEREAS, Oneida County has had good protection of landowner rights, property 37 values, and the environment including water quality when following (the current minimum 38 standards); and 39
WHEREAS, Oneida County has provided some additional protections of our surface and 41 ground water that is slightly more protective than the minimums in NR 115, and feels strongly 42 that Counties should be able to enforce more than the minimum standards to protect their 43 unique resources; and 44
WHEREAS, Oneida County feels that the minimum standards should not be changed 46 without due consideration by the entire legislature, the Natural Resources Board, and the public; 47 and 48
WHEREAS, Oneida County strongly objects to paragraph 23 of Motion #520 amending 50 the 2016-2017 state of Wisconsin Budget (SB 21 and AB 21), because it weakens regulation of

non-conforming structures and does not provide adequate protection 52 of our valuable water
53 resources; and
55 WHEREAS, the amendment as written will prevent local governmental units charged by
56 the State of Wisconsin with overseeing development within its shorelands from protecting the
57 rights of the property owner, the citizens of the area, and the environment in a fair and equitable
58 manner; and
60 WHEREAS, Paragraph 23 of Motion #520 as written will result in unchecked
61 development along our shorelines which will cause irreparable harm to the water quality of our
62 County; result in a drop in property values which in turn will damage the economy of our County;
63 and promote harm to the environment by contributing to the degradation of our surface waters
64 and ultimately the ground water of our County and the State, and
WHEREAS, Oneida County Board supports the June 5th 66 and June 8, 2015 letters from
67 Wisconsin Counties Association, Wisconsin County Code Administrators, Land + Water
68 Conservation Association, and Wisconsin County Planning and Zoning Directors (attached).
70 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Oneida County board of supervisors
71 that it hereby requests that the State of Wisconsin, repeal Paragraph 23 of Motion #520 to the
72 2016-2017 Budget Bill (SB 21 and AB 21), and retain the current provisions of NR 115,
73 Wisconsin Administrative Code, and thereby protect the citizens and environment of our County
74 and great State, and
76 NOW, FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED, that Oneida County Board approved Resolution
77 to repeal Paragraph 23, of Motion #520 to the 2016 – 2017 Budget Bill (SB 21 and AB 21), be
78 forwarded to members of the Joint Committee on Finance, area Legislators, and the Governor’s
79 office.
81 Vote Required: Majority = ________ 2/3 Majority = _________ ¾ Majority = __________
83 The County Board has the legal authority to adopt: Yes _______ No ________ as reviewed
84 by the Corporation Counsel, _________________________________, Date: __________
86 Approved by the _________________ Committee this _____day of ______________ ,
87 2015.
89 Consent Agenda Item: _____YES ______NO
91 Offered and passage moved by: _________________________________
92 Supervisor
93 _________________________________
94 Supervisor
95 _________________________________
96 Supervisor
97 _________________________________
98 Supervisor
99 _________________________________
100 Supervisor

_____ Nays 103
_____ Absent 105
______Abstain 107
_____ Adopted 109
by the County Board of Supervisors this _____ day ___________________ , 2015. 111
_____ Defeated 113
______________________________ ____________________________________ 115
Mary Bartelt, County Clerk Dave Hintz, County Board Chair

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Annual Lake Meeting continued...

 This year it was decided that a new award was in order. And this year it went to Jean Kilbane. Over the years, Jean has always been at every Annual Dinner Meeting helping to register guests and take reservations over the phone, and even call a few  people to make sure they didn't forget. Her's is the friendly face that greets you when you come in and reminds you if you haven't gotten your dues in yet, one of those jobs that not all of us like to do. But she does it with a smile on her face and a glad to see you attitude.  If you've been at the dinner or in the neighborhood, Jean has always been around to say hi and make you feel welcome. She takes great interest and concern over lake issues and has offered her help in any way she can. I know she's helped me out of a jam a few times by stuffing envelopes and licking stamps,  for Lake Association mailings when I had no time to get to it. Simple things, but so important to help make everything happen for the Association when it needs to. We were proud to present her with the first President's Award and hope that there will be individuals to follow in her footsteps to help make the Lake Thompson Association succeed in all it's goals. We applaud her service. Accepting the award for Jean, were friend and neighbor Mary Oelrich and Board Member Joan McEnroe. I found a photo of Jean and Mike Rolling at one of the Lake events.
 Your Lake Thompson Board L to R ,  President Frosty Smith, Treasurer Mike Rolling, Paul Schreiber, Joan McEnroe, Secretary Kari Zambon, Newest Board member Judy Fritz and Kathy Furda. Absent from the photo is very long time Board Member and former County Board of Adjustment Member Bob Rossi.

 This is the sign that you'll see every time one of our youth officers is at the boat landing inspecting boats. Please remember they have been trained to do a thorough inspection so please be be patient and kind. We are so lucky to have these boys taking over this task, without them we'd have to find a way to cover the inspections with volunteers which never really worked. So if you see them give them a pat on the back and remind them that you're grateful for they're time and expertise.
Our new Lake Thompson Logo  on our banner that Paul said you could proudly display for a limited time. Also handed out to each dues paying family was a flag with our logo that you can display on your pier, boat, or flag pole. If you were not able to be at the meeting and would like to get your flag, please contact Frosty. If you would like an extra flag they can be purchased for $20, a portion of which will go to our AIS fund, to help pay for our youth officers.
Questions at the meeting , included how can we get better communication for all our members, about what's going on? Besides attending the Annual Dinner meetings where all business is discussed, I would encourage everyone to VOLUNTEER to help your Lake Board accomplish it's goals. They have served for many many years, mostly because no one else is willing to come forward and give a bit of their time to help keep the Lake a better place for our future generations. We NEED help, leadership, people with computer skills, people to help do mailings and many other things. If you can give some of your time it would be a great benefit to all. Call your Board members and see what you can do to help. We hear way to often, about how things SHOULD be done.... but not near enough of what can I help you do to make things more successful. Please consider taking on a small job, if you can't commit to being a Board's all good! And as you can see in the last photo, we even have some fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Very Special Annual Dinner Meeting

 If you missed the Annual Lake Thompson Dinner and Meeting last night, you missed a very special night. But here are some highlights of the evening. Paul Schrieber, who has been doing most of the work for our AIS program highlighted what's been happening behind the scenes. He gave a rousing speech on further developments in our current program, which included the acquisition of a DNR grant to further "Educate and Protect" our lake. With the help of this grant, the Association provided a delicious dinner at Holiday Acres, at no charge to Lake Association members.  John Preuss, a DNR Warden from Spooner, where the program is initiated, was present and on hand to award our Youth Officers who do the inspections at the Boat Landing, a special plaque for their hard work. They cover the landing from Friday through Sunday and inspect all boats coming and going to make sure they have no Aquatic Invasive Species clinging to their boats that could be transported into Lake Thompson or another lake. This is a proactive program as we have no AIS present in our lake and hope to keep it that way for future generations.
 From left to right, DNR Warden John Preuss, Youth Officers Justice Ring, Luke Fritz, and Michael Fritz, and Paul Schreiber.

 If you see these young men with their official shirts, which will have these special badges, be prepared to let them do a thorough inspection on your boat before you enter the water. You'll notice that we now have a new logo for the Lake Association as seen above.
 This badge denotes the program we are enforcing, Clean Boats, Clean Waters.
And this one is the official State of WI badge. If you read this post, please leave a comment or check one of the boxes below, mostly so I know that this is making it's way to Lake Residents. More to follow....

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Urgent Call to Action

From AIS coordinator Michele Sadauskas and Oneida Coutny Lakes and Rivers  (OCLRA)

Many articles, editorials and calls to action have circulated since this news broke.  We are providing links to two items.

Wisconsin Lakes Position Paper

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: June 9, 2015 at 10:04:56 PM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: FW: EXTRA*ALERT Urgent call to action
Good morning all-

Just wanted to pass along this information from the Oneida County Lakes & Rivers Association.  Their annual meeting is coming up this Friday, June 12.   The group will be discussing the recently proposed shoreland zoning changes made by the Joint Finance Committee on May 29. 

Have a great day!

Description: sig

Michele Sadauskas
AIS Coordinator
Description: logo

Oneida County Courthouse, 2nd floor
PO Box 400
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Phone:  715-369-7836
Fax:  715-369-7839


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Michelle Sadaukas AIS Update

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: June 3, 2015 at 4:30:39 PM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: a short AIS update :)
Good afternoon everyone-

I had some interesting items come across my desk recently, and instead of waiting to work them into a ‘newsletter’ update, I wanted to share them right away!

Clean Boats Clean Waters inspection videos.  Here is what Erin McFarlane (State AIS Outreach Specialist) has to say about these BRAND NEW videos: 

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, the new Clean Boats, Clean Waters Watercraft Inspection Video Scenarios are now available to view on the CBCW website!  The seven scenarios were created to aid watercraft inspectors in learning how to have a conversation with boaters and anglers at the boat landing while conducting an inspection.  An introductory video explains the purposes of the scenarios, and the first scenario provides an example of a complete watercraft inspection from start to finish.  The following six videos focus on specific scenarios, such as how to talk to an angler leaving the landing with live bait, and begin after the inspector has introduced themselves to the boater and asked some of the initial questions from the inspection report form.  The last video discusses how to thoroughly take the prevention steps and walks through the process of cleaning off a boat.  These videos are meant to enhance the CBCW trainings, not replace them, and serve as a post-training resource for our inspectors.

Bighead Carp found in St. Croix River.  Five Bighead Carp were captured in the St. Croix River near Stillwater, MN this past week.  This is the farthest north they have been found in the St. Croix.  To view the news release please visit our website at:

Why plant native plants?  Check out this great article that shows just how great our native plant species are!     

Have a great night everyone!
Description: sig

Michele Sadauskas
AIS Coordinator
Description: logo
Oneida County Courthouse, 2nd floor
PO Box 400
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Phone:  715-369-7836    
Fax:  715-369-7839

Monday, June 1, 2015

Students Learning About AIS.....

Our local AIS Coordinator Michelle Sadauskas, is broadening students education with some hands on experience. To see more about this check out their blog listed in the post below......

From: Michele Sadauskas
Date: May 30, 2015 at 2:58:56 AM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: local students learn about AIS
Good morning everyone-

We had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Werner’s 5th grade Central Intermediate class this past Thursday.  Students had a chance to work on Boom Lake using AIS monitoring equipment, pull invasive Yellow Iris plants along Boom Lake while restoring the shoreline with native wetland plants (over 30 wetland native plant species were planted!), and filmed short AIS videos.

Please visit our blog to see just how much these students know about AIS,  and visit the DNR’s webpage to vote for their video(s), !  Voting is open only through tomorrow.  Let’s show our local youth our support and vote! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Michele Sadauskas
AIS Coordinator

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Important News from AIS Michele Saduskas

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: April 22, 2015 at 3:14:07 PM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: proposed state budget will affect local land and water departments!
Good afternoon all-

Funding for County Land Conservation Departments (this includes the Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department and our AIS program) will be affected with the proposed 2015-2017 State budget cuts.  An estimated $815,900 is projected to be lost for local conservation projects.  If:

v  Reducing soil erosion and polluted runoff to lakes, streams, and groundwater, and

v  Addressing new threats (including aquatic and terrestrial invasive species) to water resources,

are important to you, please contact your representatives!  There is support in the legislature to restore “$1.3 million in appropriation levels for state aid to support county conservation staffing efforts”, but we need your voice to send an even louder message!

If you need to find contact information on your representative, please follow this link:

Thanks for your time and continued support!

Scroll down to the next post to see a sample letter.

Alert your congressman about cuts for County Land Conservation Departments

Dear Senator Tiffany,

Please restore the funding for County Land Conservation Departments that has been cut in the proposed 2015-2017 State budget.  We understand that $1.3 million in appropriation levels for state aid to support county conservation staffing efforts is cut which will result in an estimated $815,900 lost for local conservation projects, including the Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department and  AIS program.

These conservation programs are a critical defense in the prevention of more AIS in our woods and waters.  The educational efforts and real support by the county conservation department professionals help the local volunteers that are working to keep invasives out of lakes, rivers and forests.  This is not an effort that a purely volunteer force can manage.

The economic value of clean lakes, streams and groundwater is incalculable.  A short term saving could cost huge economic and environmental damage in the long term.



ICE OUT Date and Time

The official Ice-Out for Lake Thompson

April 4 @ 3:10 pm
Reported by Kim Zambon

Lake Thompson is open for the spring, summer and fall enjoyment

The buoys that mark the rocks will be out by May 1st.

Monday, April 20, 2015

First Clean Boats Clean Water Workshop

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: April 20, 2015 at 3:59:31 PM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: 1st clean boats workshop of season draws near!

Good afternoon everyone-

Just a reminder that our first Clean Boats Clean Water (CBCW) workshop is coming soon!  Please join us on Wednesday, April 29th, at the Oneida County Courthouse, Rhinelander, WI. 

We have a NEW format for this workshop.  If you are a brand new volunteer or just wishing to refresh your CBCW skills, please join us a 4 p.m., Committee Room #1, 2nd Floor.   The session will cover the basics of the program and participants are urged to stay for the main workshop.

If you are a veteran inspector, feel like you have a good understanding of CBCW basics, and/or would like to know what is NEW for 2015, please arrive at the County Board Room between 4:45-5:00 to register for the main CBCW workshop (see attached agenda).

Please respond to this email or call 715-369-7835 to register for this FREE event.  At this time we have only nine individuals signed up, and I know we can do better than that!  The sooner everyone registers the sooner I can put in our snack and door prize      orders J

For a sneak peak, check out the attached photo.  We just received these invasive species in the mail today!  Guess which ones are prohibited now and which will be prohibited soon!

Hope to see you all soon J

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Has Spring Sprung??????

The snow has departed for the most part, wild life has returned, the ice is out, but has Spring really Sprung? Well in my book it's not official until the stakes are out of the cemetary on this side of the lake. But we have been able to enjoy some wildlife that appears when the season is making it's changes. I was lucky enough to capture some photos of these Eagles sitting on the ice right in front of our house, doing a little fishing on some spots that were open. 

 I took this one the other day when, I was watching several bunnies in the yard and all of sudden they all scurried away post haste. When this big boy landed in the top of one of our tall pines I knew why.
Has anyone seen the white squirrel  that seems to be making it's way around the lake? Kim Zambon reported it was at the resort and a couple days later here it was right under my feeder. My neighbor Leon Sammuelson sent some info on this rare little guy . Check here for more information 
As always just click on the photo to enlarge it.