Thursday, July 30, 2015

Black Bear on Circle Dr.

Jim Auchter sent me this photo recently along with an account of how he came by this photo...

Hi Kathy.  I looked at the Lake Association web site and see a lot of activity has been posted.  Great!  Which made me think I should share the attached photo of a bear in our yard on Sunday, July 12th at about 5:15PM.  More interesting, it was starting to climb a tree with a hummingbird feeder about 5 feet from the chair my wife, Sue, was sitting in!  Yes, literally.  Sue was unaware of the bear as she was relaxing looking at the lake until she heard the claws on the tree and turned to see what was causing the noise!  Fortunately, when she turned, the bear was as startled as Sue and jumped from the tree and started to climb a second tree about four feet further.  Sue calmly (until in the house) got up and walked into the house.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get a picture as it started to leave.  Sue is very happy I got a photo of it as she said nobody would believe her story!  And she said she is not usually that oblivious……

Thanks for the photo and the story Jim. The Auchters place is on Circle Dr. so if you are in the area please be alert. If you've noticed that your bird feeders have been torn down or garbage has been scattered, you might want to take precautions. According to Mark Naniot , Wildlife Rehab biologist at Wild Instincts right here in Rhinelander, bears can be lazy by nature and will stay in an area if they continue to find things to eat. It is a good idea to bring in bird feeders at night for at least 2 weeks, as then bears will try another path.  

Keep those photos coming!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Board at Work....

Sandy Wickman of the DNR was at the Boat Landing today  Thursday July 16. 
She brought with her 2 large plants that contained 1000 beetles/larvae that feed on the invasive plant Purple Loosestrife. These plants were placed next to the landing where some has been spotted and hopefully they will happily eat their fill of them.

Sandy is at the Shoreline pulling up some of the plants with Paul Schreiber and Frosty Smith looking on . Below Frosty is holding a handful of the invasive species called Purple Loosetrife
 Sandy Wickman and helper with the 2 large plants she brought.
 A close up of the small bugs that will be attacking these invasive species.

Board Members Paul Schreiber, Bob Rossi, Frosty Smith, and Sandy Wickman from the DNR and Kathy Furda (in car). Plenty of people to check out the Pontoon Boat waiting to enter the lake. Thanks to Betsy Schreiber for the photos.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

From the Desk of Michelle Saduaskas AIS Coordinator, Important News!

From: Michele Sadauskas <>
Date: July 10, 2015 at 10:17:25 AM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: 2016-2017 State Budget goes to Governor Walker
Hello everyone-

Yesterday the State Budget passed through the WI Assembly.  The budget is now on the Governor’s desk!  Sadly, the budget still has some unfavorable items in it for Wisconsin’s land and water.

Motion 520, paragraph 23, will severely limit local control on managing our lakes, rivers, and wetlands.  This will affect Oneida County lakes and rivers.  With this in mind, the Oneida County Board approved a resolution(#52-2015) strongly objecting to Paragraph 23 of Motion 520.

I have attached the Oneida County resolution and a letter submitted to the Joint Finance Committee by multiple Wisconsin State organizations explaining the negative effects Motion 520, paragraph 23 could have on our water resources.    I urge you to contact the governor with your concerns and comments on Motion 520 as soon as possible.  You can email Governor Walker at this address:  or call 608-266-1212.  Don’t be afraid to call, I have done this many times with my local representatives!  It is easy, and they quickly can find out what matters to their constituents in this manner J  Additionally, please try to attend the Oneida County Board meeting on Tuesday, August 18th, 9:30 a.m.  Tom Tiffany is penciled in to attend!  Your voice does matter!    

RESOLUTION #52-2015 1
Resolution offered by the Conservation and UW-Extension Education Committee 4
Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Oneida County, Wisconsin 6
WHEREAS, the Oneida County Conservation and UW-Extension Education Committee 8 has been advised that the Joint Committee on Finance has passed Motion #520 as part of its 9 discussion and deliberation on the Budget Bill; and 10
WHEREAS, Paragraph 23 of Motion #520 changes the standards for regulation of 12 existing structures in the shoreland area contrary to adopted standards in NR 115 and to the 13 detriment of environmental quality, and the orderly economic development of Oneida County; 14 and 15
WHEREAS, the State of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 17 has adopted NR 115 and updated it periodically after public input and review; and 18
WHEREAS, Oneida County has 428 named lakes and more than 830 miles of streams, 20 of which 192 miles are classified trout streams, that are pressured with both new development 21 and re-development of existing structures; and 22
WHEREAS, Oneida County has been enforcing the minimum standards of NR 115 since 24 its inception in the late 1960’s, and has accumulated considerable experience while working 25 with the various incarnations of NR 115 over many years, and furthermore has noted during 26 these many years that the current laws have protected the water quality in Oneida County, and 27 at the same time have protected property values, the County’s wildlife and fisheries habitat, and 28 the natural scenic beauty of Oneida County’s shorelands, and at the same time provided 29 flexibility to property owners in development of their property; and 30
WHEREAS, Oneida County Board members conclude that the water quality of those 32 water bodies within our county would suffer if development is not regulated to the benefit of both 33 the property owner and the water body whose shorelines are proposed for development as it 34 currently is in NR 115; and 35
WHEREAS, Oneida County has had good protection of landowner rights, property 37 values, and the environment including water quality when following (the current minimum 38 standards); and 39
WHEREAS, Oneida County has provided some additional protections of our surface and 41 ground water that is slightly more protective than the minimums in NR 115, and feels strongly 42 that Counties should be able to enforce more than the minimum standards to protect their 43 unique resources; and 44
WHEREAS, Oneida County feels that the minimum standards should not be changed 46 without due consideration by the entire legislature, the Natural Resources Board, and the public; 47 and 48
WHEREAS, Oneida County strongly objects to paragraph 23 of Motion #520 amending 50 the 2016-2017 state of Wisconsin Budget (SB 21 and AB 21), because it weakens regulation of

non-conforming structures and does not provide adequate protection 52 of our valuable water
53 resources; and
55 WHEREAS, the amendment as written will prevent local governmental units charged by
56 the State of Wisconsin with overseeing development within its shorelands from protecting the
57 rights of the property owner, the citizens of the area, and the environment in a fair and equitable
58 manner; and
60 WHEREAS, Paragraph 23 of Motion #520 as written will result in unchecked
61 development along our shorelines which will cause irreparable harm to the water quality of our
62 County; result in a drop in property values which in turn will damage the economy of our County;
63 and promote harm to the environment by contributing to the degradation of our surface waters
64 and ultimately the ground water of our County and the State, and
WHEREAS, Oneida County Board supports the June 5th 66 and June 8, 2015 letters from
67 Wisconsin Counties Association, Wisconsin County Code Administrators, Land + Water
68 Conservation Association, and Wisconsin County Planning and Zoning Directors (attached).
70 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Oneida County board of supervisors
71 that it hereby requests that the State of Wisconsin, repeal Paragraph 23 of Motion #520 to the
72 2016-2017 Budget Bill (SB 21 and AB 21), and retain the current provisions of NR 115,
73 Wisconsin Administrative Code, and thereby protect the citizens and environment of our County
74 and great State, and
76 NOW, FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED, that Oneida County Board approved Resolution
77 to repeal Paragraph 23, of Motion #520 to the 2016 – 2017 Budget Bill (SB 21 and AB 21), be
78 forwarded to members of the Joint Committee on Finance, area Legislators, and the Governor’s
79 office.
81 Vote Required: Majority = ________ 2/3 Majority = _________ ¾ Majority = __________
83 The County Board has the legal authority to adopt: Yes _______ No ________ as reviewed
84 by the Corporation Counsel, _________________________________, Date: __________
86 Approved by the _________________ Committee this _____day of ______________ ,
87 2015.
89 Consent Agenda Item: _____YES ______NO
91 Offered and passage moved by: _________________________________
92 Supervisor
93 _________________________________
94 Supervisor
95 _________________________________
96 Supervisor
97 _________________________________
98 Supervisor
99 _________________________________
100 Supervisor

_____ Nays 103
_____ Absent 105
______Abstain 107
_____ Adopted 109
by the County Board of Supervisors this _____ day ___________________ , 2015. 111
_____ Defeated 113
______________________________ ____________________________________ 115
Mary Bartelt, County Clerk Dave Hintz, County Board Chair