Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Frosty sent me a couple photos, unfortunately for some reason this was the only one that would come up, but what he's trying to say is that Summer is officially over. And how can we tell? Not necessarily by the few dusting's of snow we've already had, and the fact that the high was only in the 20's just yesterday, but that it's time for the buoys to come out of the lake. Here Paul Quittschreiber grabs one and pulls it aboard, while Roscoe, Frosty's dog,makes sure he's doing it right. For me the official end of summer is when the stakes go up in the cemetery. For those of you who live on the north side of the lake  you probably drive by and see this and quietly know in your heart that yes the real snow is about to come. This coming Saturday is the start of Deer Hunting season so stay safe, wear your orange if your out walking your dog, and good luck to all of you hunters.

So do any of you have special signs that summer is officiallly over?