Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

Today we have winter storm warnings out but only for about 2-4 inches (not much of a storm in my book) . The photos are from the first snowfall we had, apparently that was more of a storm - 9inches! It melted quickly though. The ice has skimmed over, with some bare spots, but next weeks weather is for the low 20's so I think winter will be here to stay. Our Christmas Party was cancelled this year, due to low reservations. If you have any canned goods or monetary donations for the Food Pantry, you can drop them at Tom and Susan Welch's house on Circle Drive before Thursday and Susan will deliver them.
There are some possibilites on the horizen for  our Clean Boats Clean Waters program which I hope to keep you posted on. Part of the good news is that the Board voted to have the AIS postion a permanent one as the current term was to end shortly. So that will be good news for all the lakes. Michelle does a good job and hopefully she will be able to continue in that position.  Tom Welch had told me earlier that by the end of July our volunteers had put in 87 hours and checked in 129 boats. And that was just for the first half of the season. Stay warm.