Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lake Thompson Book

Would you like to participate in a book for Lake Thompson? Then here's your chance. Frosty Smith has started this endeavor and needs some help in accomplishing the final project. There are certainly some stories to tell and with your help we might all be able to enjoy a little history of the Lake. The following is some of the ideas that are possibilities for the book. Dig down deep in your memory banks and see if there is something you can share.

Hello fellow lake property owner,

My name is Charles "Frosty" Smith and I have lived on Lake Thompson for the better
part of 50+ years. Over those years I have seen many changes and also known of many things
that have happened on Lake Thompson. As the years go by many people have moved on or
passed away. I had thought about the people that have lived on Lake Thompson over the years
and they all have many interesting stories and will soon be lost.
I have heard and read about other lakes that have books and thought that it was time for
Lake Thompson to have a book too.
I know that each of you has a story about your time on Lake Thompson.
So here is what I would like from you. Only if you want to share your story.

• Something about who you purchased your property from ?
When you purchased you property ?
Fun events, family gatherings, -and weddings?
Something about your family?
How things have changed over the years?
How you enjoy Lake Thompson summer and winter?
Names of parts of the lake? (West Bay, Feldman's Point, Do Do's rock, LUV rocks, Breezy
Point, etc.)
Fish Stories (the BIG one that got away)!
Do you remember the sea plane that would land on the lake and gave sea plane rides?
Do you know when the Lake Thompson Association was formed and who started it ?
What kind of bird hung above the bar at the old "Pinewood Lodge" ?
That there once was a cabin on the second island ?
How Lake Thompson got its name?
So if you would like to share your story with others. I would need what ever you want to provide,
a written story and if you want pictures will also be used. (pictures will be scanned and returned).
I have already received many stories and some pictures and have found them very interesting to
read. I know all of you will enjoy reading stories and happenings of Lake Thompson.
The dead-line will be April 1, 2009
I am hoping to have the book ready by the summer of 2009.
All profits from the sale will to go to the Lake Thompson Association.

Thank you

Send to:
Charles Smith
3509 Cedar Lane
Rhinelander, WI 54501
EmaiI: Frosty(a)
Frosty Smith