Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Do you have any old frozen fish or venison sitting in your freezer? Our local wildlife rehabilitation center, Wild Instincts, is currently in need of these items to feed their current Eagle and Bear Cub orphans. They house 10 orphaned bear cubs who are growing by leaps and bounds as well as Bald Eagles, all of which they hope to release back into the wild when they are ready. Wild Instincts operates soley on donations and grants and could use your help to feed their patients. A big shout out and thank you to Vernon and Marilyn Storm for getting the ball rolling. I picked up an entire cooler of fish and venison from them today and Wild Instincts was extremely grateful for their help. If you have fish or venison availble you can call me (Kathy Furda @ 715-369-0340 ) and I'll try to get there and pick it up. To learn more about Wild Instincts go to

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And just to give you a tease check out this video of the bear cubs