Monday, February 28, 2011


Greetings from the Slightly Snowy North,

While all those around us have been enduring fierce snow storms, we seem to have escaped the worst of all of them. It gives one pause to wonder what might befall us next year. I have a special request for you this year; we are in the process of revamping our directory and including absolutely everyone on the lake. I have a committee working on this project and they are close to finishing. But I also need your help in furnishing the committee with any new updates you might have to make this project successful. So while you’re sending in those extremely well thought out and scientifically based Ice Out guesses, I’d like you to include your current information on the form below. We’ll appreciate your promptness in returning these forms as well. The goal is to have a new Directory by the June 17th meeting as well as encompass the entire lake in terms of education, maintaining, protecting, and improving the quality of the lake, its fisheries, and its watershed. Please send your dues…$20 per household, form and Ice Out guess to our Treasurer:

Mike Rolling

4707 Sternberg Ave.

Weston, WI 54476-2833

Since in the past couple years we have had uncharacteristically early ice out dates I have to change the date you need to have your guess post marked by to March 25, 2011. Good luck to all of you!



Lake Thompson Association Dues, Ice Out Guess and Information



SUMMER ADDRESS__________________________________________________________

PHONE____________________________SUMMER PHONE___________________


MAILING PREFERENCE (address)_________________________________________

ICE OUT GUESS______________________________________________________

Lake Thompson History and Stories...

Frosty asked me to post that he still has copies of Lake Thompson History and Stories on hand. If you need a copy you can contact him at 715-369-0520. He will also have them available at the Annual meeting in June.