Thursday, July 30, 2015

Black Bear on Circle Dr.

Jim Auchter sent me this photo recently along with an account of how he came by this photo...

Hi Kathy.  I looked at the Lake Association web site and see a lot of activity has been posted.  Great!  Which made me think I should share the attached photo of a bear in our yard on Sunday, July 12th at about 5:15PM.  More interesting, it was starting to climb a tree with a hummingbird feeder about 5 feet from the chair my wife, Sue, was sitting in!  Yes, literally.  Sue was unaware of the bear as she was relaxing looking at the lake until she heard the claws on the tree and turned to see what was causing the noise!  Fortunately, when she turned, the bear was as startled as Sue and jumped from the tree and started to climb a second tree about four feet further.  Sue calmly (until in the house) got up and walked into the house.  I grabbed my camera and was able to get a picture as it started to leave.  Sue is very happy I got a photo of it as she said nobody would believe her story!  And she said she is not usually that oblivious……

Thanks for the photo and the story Jim. The Auchters place is on Circle Dr. so if you are in the area please be alert. If you've noticed that your bird feeders have been torn down or garbage has been scattered, you might want to take precautions. According to Mark Naniot , Wildlife Rehab biologist at Wild Instincts right here in Rhinelander, bears can be lazy by nature and will stay in an area if they continue to find things to eat. It is a good idea to bring in bird feeders at night for at least 2 weeks, as then bears will try another path.  

Keep those photos coming!

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