Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storm Damage

As I look out at the lake tonight it's mostly black, no lights, except for the ones on my end of the lake. Somehow we escaped the power outage that's plaguing pretty much the rest of the lake. Even though the large tree branch that you see in the pictures completely blocked our driveway, and fell within inches of the electrical pole, we escaped. Most of time we usually seem to be the first to go and the last to get back on, but this time we lucked out. Not to worry I''m sure our time will come again soon. And hopefully I'll be seeing all those lights I usually see in the next day or two. On the news tonight, they said Rhinelander still had 8400 customers without power and that it may take a few days to get power back to all their customers. So in the meantime if you do have power and have some photos you might want to share, send them my way and I'll post them. Otherwise, stay warm and be patient.

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