Friday, October 29, 2010

More Damage

Well I'm happy to report that the power went back on for Circle Dr. residents about 4:00 pm on Thursday. Unfortunately, I took a little ride and there were some more trees down. My neighbor torwards the end of the road, Mr. Sammuelson , had one of his trees fall on his roof. He said to avoid damage to his newly sided house they had to have someone who owned a crane come and remove it. Hope all goes well there.Further down the road Skip Trunnel's place had a tree fal that subsequently took out two other trees on it's way down. Luckily though it wasn't near the house.

And at Northern Light Glass I had a window pop out and break on the screen porch. The temp inside was 43 degrees after being without power since sometime Tuesday. So I'm sure those residents were happy to see the WPS truck come. Kari Zambon reported that they had trees go through the roof of 3-4 cabins at Holiday Acres. Poor Kim will be busy I think. The power was also restored to the south side of the lake as I could see lights last night where there was only blackness.

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