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From: Steph Boismenue <>
Date: December 9, 2016 at 2:02:45 PM CST
Subject: News for Oneida County AIS - December 9, 2017
Good Afternoon,
I realize news from the AIS department has been quiet lately. That’s because November and December are the months when we roll up our sleeves and dive into grant applications and grant reports.  These grants are extremely important to Oneida County as they provide funding for projects that help protect our valuable water resources. I am happy to say that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

In the meantime, I wanted to share two fantastic educational to add to your calendars.
Wisconsin Wetland Association’s 2017 Wetland Science Conference
Tuesday February 28 - Thursday March 2, 2017 and the Holiday Inn Convention Center, Stevens Point
·         Student scholarships applications deadline – January 13
·         Early bird registration deadline – January 20
·         Sponsorship deadline – January 20
·         Final registration deadline – February 23
·         For more information, the Association’s home page can be found at:

Minding Our Waters
2017 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention
Wednesday April 5 – Friday April 7, 2017 and the Holiday Inn Convention Center, Stevens Point
During the 39th annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention, Minding Our Waters will emphasize our responsibility to keep the welfare of our water resources on the forefront of our minds as we manage and care for them.
·         Nominate a Person or Group for an Award. There are five Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award categories to recognize outstanding contributions of time and effort to the future of our lakes: Citizen, Organized group, Public service, Youth and Business.  Award nominations deadline – February 3, 2017
·         Call for Posters: A poster display is an excellent way to share your research, project or success story at the convention. Submission deadline – February 23, 2017
·         Photo Contest. To celebrate the 39th Lakes Convention, the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership is sponsoring the 15th annual photo contest. It is an opportunity to show the state why you love your lakes as well as display your skill with a camera. Photo submission deadline – March 10, 2017
·         Registration for the event opens in January.
·         For more information, the convention home page can be found at:

Minding Our Water - Did you know that the human body undergoes remarkable changes every time you go underwater? The heart rate slows and the cardiovascular system shifts gears, allowing people to hold their breath much longer than they can above land. Did you also know that, even when controlling for all other variables, people who live near lakes, rivers and oceans experience significant benefits in terms of happiness, longevity, and absence of diseases? These are just some of the many fascinating ways that being near, in, on, and under water affects people. We invite you to take a closer look at these phenomena during the 2017 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention in Stevens Point April 5-7 as we “go deeper” and explore the mind-body-water connection.

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays,

Stephanie Boismenue
Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator
Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department
Oneida County Courthouse, 2nd floor
PO Box 400
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Phone:  715-369-7835    
Fax:  715-369-6268

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