Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yes, it is now official. The ice went out at 11:28 am on Monday March 29, 2010. SO this would mean that the Ice Out Contest is offically closed. I think Mother Nature does this just to make things difficult for me! Next year we'll have to rethink the deadline date since this has now happened twice within a few years. The weather has been unseasonably pleasant and the snow is pretty much gone except for where it was piled high.So time to think about reopening those places, raking the leaves, turning on the water, and all those other things you do to get ready for the season.


Kaye and Tom said...

Thanks for the update! Now we need some spring rain.....Do you know when the buoys will be in place?

Northern Light said...

Thanks Kaye & Tom for leaving me a comment! It's nice to know that someone's paying attention now and then. The buoy's should be in place in time for opening day of fishing , which is usually the first Sat. in May.