Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Now that summer is finally here, we'd like to insure that everyones safety and enjoyment can be at full capacity. On the roads, in winter we need to remember to drive defensively. That goes for the Lake as well. In order for everyone to enjoy their time spent on the lake we need to be cognizant of our actions. As I use to tell my son when he was little, "every action usually has a reaction". When you're speeding down the length of the lake, wind in your hair,generally enjoying the fact that snow and cold are still months away, you need to be aware of how those actions might be affecting someone else. Are you using speeds appropriate to your conditions?
Are you too close to other watercraft or piers? Are you aware of the buoys in your vicinity and what they signify? As a little reminder I have posted some of Wisconsin's Boating Safety Laws below for you to review and practice. Also in the Links list you can click on Boating Laws and find the DNR'S site with all rules and regulations. Let's make sure everyone has a good time on the Lake. See you out there!

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