Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So this weekend I witnessed 3 signs of Spring. The first was the arrival of the Dark eyed Juncos on Friday. For you non-birders, Dark Eyed Juncos are tiny little grey birds with white breasts. They arrive, from the south, usually in April ,on their way north and again in the Fall when they travel back to southern parts. They hang around for a few weeks and then continue on their journey. But when they do get here , you can be pretty well assured that Spring is imminent. Secondly, the ICE IS OUT!! Frosty sent me me the official time and it was April 13 at 2:32 pm. It sure seemed to take it's merry old time this year, in fact there is still a bit of it in the bay looking out from Circle Dr. And last but not least, as I was driving by the cemetery on N. Shore Dr. today, they were removing the stakes that mark the graves when it snows. Yes, for me that is the ultimate conformation that Spring is right around the corner....the confidence that it probably won't snow again. (Mind you , I did say probably)

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