Sunday, March 1, 2009


As you may already know, Lake Thompson has it's first invasive species, the Rusty Crayfish. This species is more aggressive than the native species and can harm the native fish by eating their eggs and young. They can also displace native crayfish, hybridize with them, and graze on and eliminate aquatic plants.

On some lakes, with a large Rusty Crayfish population, people have stopped swimming, lest they step on one and get pinched. The natural predator of crayfish is Bass. On some lakes, the daily limit has been lowered to 1 per day, with a minimum of 18". On smaller lakes, the species has been controlled by trapping them.

If any lakefront owners are interested in helping the Bass control the Rusty Crayfish, a crayfish trap and fish parts for bait are what is needed. The fish parts must be from Lake Thompson only. The Crayfish Traps will be available at the Fishing Bait and Tackle Shop on North Faust Lake Road for about $9.

In order to identify the Rusty Crayfish from the native species, there is a supply of cards in the kiosk box at the Boat Landing. (You will probably see volunteers at the Boat Landing on the weekends for Aquatic Invasive Species control.) Or contact myself or one of the Board Members. You can always post a question on the website as well. This will also be discussed at the Annual Dinner Meeting in June.



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